Can't stand Seattle...

Think they have the world's best coffee... Rains all the time...

Their football team is pretty damn good though! Props where props are due! Phone Post 3.0

You should see the price of tickets for the space needle. Robbery! Phone Post 3.0

That was a historic 2 minute collapse by Green Bay. Phone Post 3.0

fasterRN - That was a historic 2 minute collapse by Green Bay. Phone Post 3.0
. Phone Post 3.0

wilson crying....please

BEASTMODE!!!! kept that gb defence honest all night

I've lived on and off in and around seattle and just can't stay there too long. The rain and Too boring for me but love the people there. Have family and friends that are big Seahawk fans. That game was awesome, huge comeback win for them and since Los Angeles still has no football team I always root for the Cawks.
Go Seahawks!!! Phone Post 3.0

Straight up hood rats on the football team- not sure about city though Phone Post 3.0

12th man baby!!! woo hoo!!! go hawks!!!! unless they're down... then the 12th man suddenly has something come up. taking notes from heat fans?


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(Source) Seattle Seahawks supporters often are lauded as the best fans in the NFL, if not in all pro sports. They refer to themselves collectively as “The 12th Man” and individually as “12s,” get very, very loud, and seem to rally around their up-there-in-the-Pacific-Northwest-ness. But some leave before the game is over.

As you most certainly know, this wasn’t to beat the traffic after a blowout win. The Seahawks trailed 19-7 with less than three minutes left in the NFC Championship Game, leaving a few fans discouraged enough to leave the stadium. When they heard their team making a comeback in what was ultimately a 28-22 overtime victory over the Green Bay Packers, they tried helplessly to get back in.