Cant throw a right hook

put this on the underground, but not much luck so far...

Hey guys, i was just wondering if anyone can give me some tips on throwing a right hook. I was hitting some focus pads today, and every time i went for it one of two things happened.
1. i felt like i was jarring my thumb (horizontal fist).I think the reason is because im hitting with my second knuckle and thumb rather than the space between my 2 knuckles


2. I lift my elbow too high (in order to try and stop one) and i lose all power, and end up hitting with my third knuckle (by third i mean, 3rd from my finger nail)

I tried a vertical fist and just couldnt get comfortable with it =(

Note this is without any gloves or wrapping.

Thanks for any advice!!

First things first... are you standing right or left handed??? (orthodox or

If you are southpaw, read the other posts.

If you are orthodox, you really shouldn't throw a right hook... maybe
when you are chest-up on someone, but not during pad work.

Sorry forgot to mention this...

Firstly im orthodox

Its not boxing, its in my mma class, which is geared towards self defense rather than sport. The stance is a bit like a kick boxing stance, just with the back foot closer to the centerline (if you get what i mean) to prevent taking a (best bas rutten impression) "Strike to the groin!"

I got the lead hook down a treat, its my best shot, i just cant get a right hook without hurting my fist/wrist!

I think it must be due to shoulder/elbow position in relation to the target, but i just cant nail it... =(

We usually work in the right hook s part of a combo, ie jab cross jab right hook or jap cross left hook right hook.

Thanks for the help soup nazi!

In my opinion, as an orthodox fighter, you should never throw a right hook. That is just my opinion and how I was trained and how I train others. Others disagree and throw them. Although I feel they would be better suited doing otherwise. Let me know if you want any further details.


My personal experience is the right hook is only
effective to the body. Do it short and hard and fast.

humm... so if i want to throw i right hook, should i be moving into a position so that im either square onto my opponent or into a sothpaw stance? ie should i only be throwing lead hooks?

thanks for the help so far guys!