Can't Wait for Shane...

...Carwin to return to action.

Just re-watched the Gonzaga fight on TV for the 4th or 5th time and my god...

It gets me every time how this man can throw a short arm punch with little to no hip movement and just completely put a dude out.

I have a feeling a fully recovered Carwin will jump right back on the path of doing some SERIOUS damage in the HW Division. I am very hopeful that this will happen. I'll have my fingers crossed.

I'm sure this has been said time and time again, especially since Mr. Carwin is an active and respected member of the UG, but...


Can't wait to see Shane back and healthy Phone Post

FatFrenchFry - <img src="">

How the fuck did that not kill him, seriously.

FatFrenchFry -

Honestly, I'm not the biggest Mir fan, but watching this live had me fearing for his life for a moment. Late stoppage IMO.

But Carwin did his job, Mergliotta (sp?) was a bit sloppy on this one. Phone Post


Damn. In that first gif Carwin just pushed Brock's punch out of the way like a pesky mosquito before countering.

Also, NONE of the punches in that barrage seemed to land clean at all (except for, perhaps, the first left uppercut) yet he backed Brock up immediately. I'm not sure if that's a testament to Carwin's freakish power, Lesnar's extreme aversion to getting hit, or both.

I can't wait to see him back healthy. Shane Carwin is a wrecking machine.

War Carwin!!!! Phone Post

TTT for Carwin... I just posted a Q to him to see if he'd be able to fight in UFC Australia! Phone Post

War Shane!!!come back strong and healthy !! Phone Post