Can't Wait Til MATT SERRA KTFO's Hughes.

KTF outs?

I don't think Hughes will stand with Serra, and I don't think it's realistic to think Serra will stop his takedowns or tap him out.

saddly this is the only way he could win this fight. Serra was such a great bjj guy when he started and now his ground games seems the weak point.

 That would be awesome!

 I'm not going to lie, this is the result I am hoping for but lets be realistic... This isn't going to be the result we see.

That would make me very happy.

Although I'm a GSP fan, when Serra was champ I wasn't too unhappy. Seems like a cool and funny guy.

I really want him to crush Hughes.


Serra has a good chance to win this fight, imo.

Serra can totally win this fight if he keeps it standing. Serra might be able to win this fight off his back, but by strikes is more likely imo

I'm on the Serra Train.

Not sure The Terra can stop Hughes's takedowns. It might not be easy for Hughes to take Serra down because Serra is so compact? Meh.. I have Hughes winning a UD.

Obviously Serra has the power to do stop Hughes but too many people look at the GSP fight and think that Serra has a big advantage standing. Serra is not much of a striking threat other than his big punch, GSP was a fluke and Serra's only TKO. If Serra doesn't land a big punch, I expect Hughes to brutalize him on the ground.

 serra is not a ko artist. he landed a forearm to the back of gsp's head by accident which won him the title. hughes will pound him into the canvas

 I've got a SN bet on this fight with someone, speak up if it's you!  Serra by tko!!!

I hope Serra wins.

I find myself really looking forward to this fight. It has no clear implication as far as title contention goes, but I for one enjoy a good old grudge match between two elite fighters.

 War Strong Island

SERRA via KO!!!

I'm rooting for Hughes on this one