Can't watch UFC 60 live! =(

Tell me how badly you think the card sucks so I don't feel like shit for missing it!

TTT for the greatest UFC card eva!

I like this card.


Great bad your gonna miss it!

you guys are brutal. my Tv just died and im shot out fo luck too

Wow, you're killin' me over here! At least I won't be dumping $40 on the PPV!

Work for the cable company?

It was stupid to have the UFC on a long holiday weekend, when I am going out of town. 

Don't worry MattBenwa, it's gonna be the poo poo event of the year.....


*sneaks off to order the ppv event of the century*

Bry Bry...since you are employed as a fluffer for the gay porn industry, you would know exactly when that perverted convention is held.  Now go get a blood test, before it's too late you sick f*ck.