Canucks Make Huge Trade!

The Canucks just pulled of a huge trade. Coming to Vancouver is Barry Pederson and going to Boston is Cam Neely AND a first round draft choice.

Early reports are that the Canucks are the winners in this deal. We'll have to see what happens though. :)

Fuck you!!! That is a very sore spot for us. Lets talk about Markus Naslund for Alex Stojanov.

neely and glen are garbage

neely will never be an all-star

hahahahahhah canucks suck

Barry Pederson is a proven scorer. Cam Neely is a big bust. He's been in the league for years now and hasn't done squat. Let him play out the rest of his Never-Was career out with the Bruins' minor league team.



I should ban you for bringing this up!

btw most people in Vancouver were *very* upset a that trade.