Canucks vs Oilers HNIC

Should be a good one! Vintage Jerseys too.

Prediction 3-1 Vancouver.Edmonton can't go *all* year without scoring on Vancouver can they?



Well it *is* an exciting one with Salo holding the Oil in there and a lucky late one breaking the 2-2 tie.2nd intermission it's Edmonton ahead 3-2 with Vancouver carrying most of the play.BS penalty call at the end made it 4 on 4 when the Oil scored.They tied it up after Naslund scored one that was disallowed on the *whenever we feel like calling it* 2 line pass.

The 'Nucks gotta knock off some of the fancy-assed showboating and drive the net.Bertuzzi looks off tonight, offside a million times plus a few bad passes, passing when he has a clear shot right in front.

lol fuck, well this is why i don't ever bet on my team.Too much vested interest hehe..

Shitty goal to start the 3rd but man the Smyth one was a beauty i definately have to give em that.They deserved the win, especially Salo he stood on his head the first half of the game.If not for him it would have no doubt been the other way around.Weird game though all the goals were so against the play.Vancouver went up after the Oil were on them, then Edmonton came back and got most of their goals after lots of Vancouver pressure.My hat's off to Salo and his team played well.Maybe they'll turn it around now and start winning a few games.

Ah finally! hehe

I giggled with glee as the Oilers were pumping in goal after goal. I knew Spank was gonna have to eat his words.


They taste pretty darn good too :)

Hey can't accuse me of not taking it like a man.I'll always back my team.