Canucks vs Wings

Big game tonight, Vancouver can take 1st in their division with a win but the Wings have been playing great hockey lately sitting 1st overall.

Vancouver leads the season series 2 games to 1 but it's been a home-ice series so far and tonight's game is in Detroit.

Should be a fun one!

Both teams have had more than their share of injuries.

Drapes is down now. Therefore, they'll have to have someone else play against the Naslund line.


Yeah i was gonna make a Broken Wings thread, you guys just can't get healthy lol..Draper is down after having such a great year so far, someone else just got injured too crap i forget..Oh yeah Dandenault.Yet another D man goes down.

Datsyuk too

Gah Shanahan gets the Wings the lead with a bad long one from the blueline early in the second.

Wings now get their 4th powerplay in a row.

Fuck Hull scores after Clouts stands on his head for all but 9 seconds of that PP

Oh good god, another PP.Did i mishear or was the last PP a two man? Then out of the box Fedorov gets called for another..

Whew still just 2-0 after 2...Hope we can get it together in the third.

shit 3-0..This isn't looking good.Naslund still without a shot

I didn't see the game, but I heard that the WIngs finally started playing the Canucks a little more physical.

I see Fisch was the 3rd star. Seeing that he didn't score, maybe he was throwing some weight around?


Wish Manny would have gotten the shutout.

Watching the highlights, wow Legace played incredible.I was listening to the game on the radio via the net but i missed what looked like a great first period.Check the highlights here:

Man Pronger needs to get that one up, he got lazy and Legace makes an incredible "Hasekian" save.