Canucks will now win the cup

cause hedberg is the #1 from here on out




The only place hedberg is taking them is to the golf course. Even though I like Cloutier, niether of them is good enough to win the cup. And the Canucks dont have a strong enough team to win with average or less than average goaltending like the Wings did with Osgood.

I do however, think they will beat Calgary.

lol. Vancouver's chances definitely improve with Hedberg in net. Hedberg may not be a money playoff goalie, but we already KNOW that Cloutier isn't. Vancouver loses nothing in the injury, and may gain.



Mark 1 is correct.

Damn... That was hard to type... ;)


Get used to it.


I seem to recall Hedberg outdueled Hasek and Kolzig in the 2001 playoffs.

Hedberg took Pittsburg to the conference finals.


Dont you mean Hedberg was along for the ride when the Penguins went to the conference finals?

We'll see tonight if Hedberg has what it takes in Game 5.

still loling @ Hedberg


LOL at Manny Legace

Johnny Canuck

its tied 4-4 with 5 min left. The nucks blew a 4 goal lead. They lose this one, they lose the series.

4 goals? wow...

I'm gonna turn on CBC.


Canucks win it in triple overtime.

Holy exciting game though, man i musta aged 10 years watching that.Bad penalty call in OT made it scarier.Yeah Ohlund had a hold of some flame, but Niemenen (sp?) also had a hold of Ohlund, it looked like a train.

Auld looked great despite the 4 goals, GREAT pokecheck on the breakaway in OT.He never had a chance on the goals, deflections and the first one was clearly a high stick, bad call.

Seriously fast tempo and brutal hitting all game long, those guys are animals to go that hard for that long.Kudos to both teams on that one.

lol, how could you not call that penalty in OT? He had a hold of the jersey, the guy was skating awa, then he grabbed him and took him down from behind, right in the play and in front of the ref!!

Awesome game though. Great heart by both teams. First time I've seen Calgary all year, they're fast and fun to watch. Gotta wonder where Vancouver's defense was though. Those deflections came because the Flames kept having open guys parked in front of the net.

LOL @ that being a bad call. It doesnt get any more blatant and obvious than that. If he held him anymore, he'd be taking the guys jersey home with him. lol.