Canucks will now win the cup

ot penalty was a good call, but there shoulda been one for the highstick on jovo or the brutal slash to the wrist on rucinsky, also the first goal was clearly a high stick.

Lemme rephrase, Ville should have also gotten a penalty because he had a hold of Ohlund and hauled him down as Ohlund was doing the same.Bad call because they only called it on the one guy.

You mean the 2nd takedown? That takedown was not not as obvious, not as bad, and was way after the original penalty. Nobody is going to call that, and you know it.


Clean off those glasses.

It looked like a freakin train, he had a grip on Ohlund first you bohab.LOL@ not as bad, he had a hold of Ohlund that's why Ohlund even had to grab him in the first place instead of tying him up as per usual, he couldn't move because he had Neimenen hanging off his hip.

Doesn't matter now though really.