CAO La Traviata

Excellent cigar, especially for the price. Tried one for the first time Sunday afternoon and really enjoyed it. Excellent burn, lots of smoke, flawless draw, and great flavor. I've smoked sticks that cost twice as much that I didn't enjoy nearly as much as I did this. I highly recommend it if you see one in your favorite cigar store.

 great post. Only good cao currently

Had two more yesterday (wife got me a couple for Father's Day). My opinion still stands. Nice smoke.

 I'm gonna try these. I used to enjoy the CAO Brazilia Gol until they changed the blend.

 Exactly, now they are shit. Try the My Father Le Bijou. No can defend.

I'm with 007 on the Brazilia. Whats the Traviata taste like?

Full strengthed, leathery, cedary (with a hint of spice) goodness my friend. Try them. Everyone (regular cigar smokers) I know who's smoked one has liked it.

Sounds awsome. Thanks, I will try them.

CAO changed a lot to whore out the brand, it is on every website and in every catalouge now. used to be excellent, now overdistributed. Pass on that for me.

It's nice Mike. Worth a try. For a whole $7 or less, what do you lose if you dont care for it? Everyone I've talked to at my local shop likes them.

+1 for La Traviata.

Hell of a smoke for the price

 Also, Traviata maduro is nice