Cape Cod: How'd it go?

Okay: Coach, Jake, anybody who went to Uechi-Ryu summer camp: how about a report, please?

I feel a minute proprietary interest in the PDR/BMF seminar there (even though I could not attend) because Jake is not the only one who got Coach interested in Uechi-Ryu people; I kept sending him copies of their Forum threads when his name (frequently!) would pop up - in a good way, of course....:-)



I won't take this to the top more than once; if the participants are too busy to write anything about it, I understand. I gather from the MartialArts.Forum that things went really well.

But I'm a little curious as to how things went from the PDR/BMF/CFD perspective.


Real Student,

The Cape Cod seminar was my first 'hands-on' experience with TCMS and meeting Tony. While the crowd was quite large and the cheerleaders training in the next gym over, quite a distraction (not to mention an obvious strain on Tony's voice trying to talk over all their screaming!), the seminar was quite informative.

I had already read about many of the concepts presented, but actually putting on the "High-Gear" and going though a few drills, enabled me to viscerally experience the theories discussed and,...well...drove the points home.

Jake, Phil, & Matt are all very skilled, competant instructors. They truly paid close attention to the specific needs of each participant, helping them get the maximum out of the training experience. Their professionalism & ability is a testament to the quality of Tony's coaching and to the commitment & intergrity of those sincerely involved in helping others learn and progress along their personal martial paths.

Though the semiar was brief (for me anyway...I got there an hour late!), I was left with a hunger to really dive in and explore the possiblities of the High-Gear. Unfortunately, it seemed sevral of the other participants didn't really grasp the point of the gear, and just seemed use it as an opportunity to let out a resevoir of built up angst and testosterone,...but hey, that's an urge we all get from time to time. :)

It was wonderful to put faces to some of these "login-names" after following this forum for the past 3 months!

I hope to be able to make the next PDR training weekend, and look forward to training with Tony & team again.

Reagards & Happy Training,
David Lepp

Glad you enjoyed it!

The seminar went well. The gear was very well recieved,
as was Coach and the rest of us who were there.

I was very impressed by the general open-mindedness of
this group of "traditional" martial artists. They
showed more class and willingness to learn than many of
the "reality" combat folks out there.

Here's a quote from Sensei Van Canna, an 8th dan and
a true warrior:

"After watching the "gear" demos Saturday night, and Sunday during Tony Blauer's seminar, it became apparent that using role playing scenarios and force on force simulations is really the only way to enhance our martial prowess and gain the "mental edge" as well as the physical edge in real life incidents, something which we tend largely to assume in our training, along with our perceived "stopping power"! The real time "street fights" natural speed simulations I witnessed, makes one realize the extreme limitations of the martial arts without this training component added in.
Every dojo should have at least two, even if a collection becomes necessary from the students above and beyond tuition.

As Tony Blauer explains it, the traditional martial arts route, including sparring, and tourney competition, does not create real life mental and physical blueprints necessary in a gutter fight without real life scenarios, and I am in agreement with that. It is something to be seen,as we did at camp,to totally understand.

In our IUKF organization I would like to see the gear and concepts of the S.P.E.A.R system incorporated into the Dan test, possibly as a finale after the first two minutes of continuous sparring. "

Clearly, an impact was made! Specifically, Matthew's
shin impacted with my head...but that's another story.

Thanks again to Coach, Matthew and Phil, who all put up
with a hell of a lot to come and do this.


Cape Cod Uechi-Ryu Summer Camp 2,000 apparently went so well that Master George Mattson has created a Forum within his MartialArts.Forums dealing specifically with HighGear training!And guess who is his moderator for this Forum?Oh.You guessed.Join me in congratulating Moderator Jake Steinmann, gang!RealStudent