Cape Town Gyms?

Anybody reccomend any god gyms in the Cape Town region?

I made a similar post a while back with no responses.

I occassionaly visit family in Cape Town (Kommijtie - sorry for bad Afikaans spelling).
Will be there over Xmas and New-Year, so it would be cool to get some training in whilst there.

Grappling gi/no-gi, kick boxing, boxing, wrestling - anything.

If anybody has any info, pleasae let me know.

I notice UFC49 competitor Trevor Prangley was from Cape Town - any info?

Hey Opash. We meet again.

Dunno how much has changed, but there are 2 main MMA gyms in Cape Town. One is Ludwig Strydoms (He's been doing it the longest). Last I heard however he stopped teaching and has his students running the gym. Not sure of details.

The other gym is affiliated to Rodney Kings Street Tough in Johannesburg. I dont remember the guys name unfortunately. He is a really good guy though. Met him at a seminar when he was just starting out to learn more about grappling.. Karate background and has only in the past few years changed over to MMA.

Emails to both can be found on this forums main page.

You can also do Judo at the Cape Technikon or at University of Cape Town. Same group of guys running that. One of them is a former Commonwealth Games Heavyweight Champion (Ian Geusteyn or some spelling like that)

Kickboxing wise not much worth mentioning. Lots of no-low-kicks kickboxing. Lots of attitude amongst them. There is a gym in Green Point called "Dragon Power" (cant remember owners name). I didnt think much of him, but he trains in muay thai, grappling, kung fu and whatever else. Lotsa machismo going on there though.

I havent been in SOuth Africa for almost 3 years so have forgotten most of whats where:( There is(was) a martial arts shop in Cape Town in Castle Street. If you dont get much info maybe they can help you out more.

As for boxing most gyms dont really advertise. They are plentyfull though.What we did to find one was pick up a copy of Boxing SA magazine and look for some numbers there, or just phone the magazine itself and ask for a recommendation in your area.

Unfortunately South Africa is still living in the pre '93 era, so Karate is most popular

Yeah, I know that Boxing is the thing - and that there are gyms everywhere.

Last time I was in S.Africa there was a whole bunch of documentaries about MMA on TV and a show broadcast.

But most of the action seemed to be Jo'burg based.

Anyway, was wondering if there were any Rondey King guys around - wold love to check that out.
I think maybe I found that gym last time I was there, but nobody was around.

Will keep you posted!

As said, there is one gym thats affiliated to Rodney. The guy who teaches it has a solid karate (I think goju) backgropund. He only got into the mma and grappling scene about 5 or so years ago. He is a really nice and genuine guy thought. Dont know how to find him though. An email to Rodney should solve that.

Ludwig has been doing the nhb thing in Cape Town since the early 90's. His guys are top notch in terms of grappling. Not sure where his current gym is. One of his gyms closed down. Best to email him too.