It has been brought to my attention that there is a person going around posing to be Capitao MMA and trolling on here with distasteful remarks to other groups, organizations, and fighters. This person is (for a fact) not Capitao MMA or is he founder of Capitao MMA Danny Ruiz, this person is simply a poser in need of some personal high or attention, that involves him tarnishing the name of our gym and Sensei. I am just one of many students at Capitao and i can tell you for a fact that Danny would not come to any forum and intentionally bad mouth other people and throw out pointless threats to other fighters. I just wanted to let this be known and to bring the attention you guys the best way i know how, by making a thread, Kirik if you would please look into this, also The real Danny Ruiz can be contacted through .. i speak on behalf of myself but im sure Danny would agree with everything i just stated he expressed his concerns to me when i told him about this situation.

thanks everyone plz keep this going for us

I think we all know that Danny isn't like that.