Capitol Police arrest man in Swastika-decorated truck with machete outside Democrat headquarters

You don’t remember that PM you sent me in 08’?

It went something like this.

“Hey Dave, how’s it going. I just wanted to let you know I’M A MOD AND YOUR NOT HAHA!”


A few examples off the top of my head…

Murdering Martin Luther King (according to Judge Joe Brown)
Ruby Ridge, murdering a family and calling out the name of the dead mother to torment the family

Between the CIA and FBI, soooo much fuckery. I’m only surprised they didn’t take out trump. Maybe they thought it could inspire too much backlash and rigged the re-election instead


Lol what a moran…he said “your” instead of “you’re”

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He didn’t use a question mark when asking a question either. He was so excited to brag, he just lost all sense of himself.


What a doucheface

Title should be Capitol police arrest typical Trump fanatic

Sounds about right. Those are only the ones that we know about.

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