Captain America... INSPIRATIONAL!!

This guy just exudes class and showmanship. He is the most complete champion we have ever had. I would seriously love to see him go 5 rounds with Fedor. I think Fedor is punking out to Randy by not signing with UFC. Thoughts?

Also... GSP was very classy and humble in his win last night.

You are entitled to your opinion xshanex...
Just like I am entitled to the opinion that perhaps Fedor does not want the extremely high risk of blemishing his unblemished record with the impending threat that signing with the UFC and eventually facing Randy imposes.

PS. FUCK YOU for calling me RETARTED... ASSHOLE! MRDD and DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES are nothing to make fun of. And being the HIGH BROW SMART GUY that you are, you should know better than this. That was not very CLASSY.... fuckin' douchebag jerk....

"""He is the most complete champion we have ever had""""



Matt Horning is not only the man but also very correct! TTT!

alabastermaster: My thoughts exactly

Monsters Ball: Maybe you are right, but we all have our own opinions... This one is mine along with the one that Randy is the best right now not Fedor and is being ducked.

Seamus619: Thanks dude.. Appreciate the support and the compliment.