Captain Kirik will be launched into space about 12:30pm CST today. (Live feed)

“Second star to the right and straight on 'til morning!”


Something malfunctioning is always in the back of my head for these launches.

I feel like the more often they have them, the more likely a disaster.

I also don’t think the first team survives the Mars trip.
Hope I’m wrong.

Since all states in the central time zone observe daylight savings time, central daylight time (CDT) is the correct nomenclature until Nov. 7th.

Read on YouTube that he survived.

Less than our president I would bet

No shields at all. Bezos left Kirk exposed to a possible Romulan kidnapping. Very upsetting.

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These is no warp signature so he would go unnoticed

I think this would be considered shatting his pants.


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Being a bit cynical here - Bezos didn’t send Cpt Kirk into space. More like he sent them way up in the air so they can see space. Space X went to space and circled around.