Captain Phillips

go see this movie!!! tom hanks was incredible and huge props to the snipers from SEAL team 6 who made those incredible shots!!!!

i absolutely loved this movie and i highly recommend it to anyone and everyone!!!

Watched it tonight. Pretty damn good Phone Post

What happened to the $30k they never recovered from the lifeboat?

im guessing they recovered it after they killed pirates

Movie ending was Hollywood BS:

personally i hope the SEALs took it.. they dont get paid shit compared to what they deserve

No relation

No it was danish. Phone Post 3.0

Annoys me the critics saying it wasn't sympathetic enough towards the somalis.

Was it better then gravity? Phone Post

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Movie ending was Hollywood BS:

I was gonna rant but than I would look like a stalker

So I'm tickling you in my mind instead!! Phone Post 3.0

lol @ stalker! That's what the OG generally is, a bunch of people following each other from thread to thread talking shit.

The actor who played the head pirate has never acted before. He was a limo driver who went to A open casting call for english speaking somalians Phone Post

But is it better then Captain Ron? Phone Post

Very good movie

whats up with all these true story movies? I am not complaining its just kinda weird.

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But is it better then Captain Ron? Phone Post

Haven't seen it but I'll bet a dollar it is NOT as good as or better than Captain Ron.

Captain Ron likely had better pirates, too. Definitely had better gorillas.

Started slow and expected the Navy arrival to be the climax and not as much of an Act 2, that made the movie far better.

I'm glad they had the balls to make the right movie and did not get bullied into making it a 2 hour movie, that wouldve made it a pretty subpar movie.

Props to the guy who played Muse for debuting with a great performance.

Also, why does the guy from The Unit always play the SF/SEAL role? lol

Good movie and was able to keep my attention.