captain's of crush hand grippers?

I was just wondering if any aus stores stock these? Or do you have to order them through the net from overseas?
I've asked at a few Rebels, and they had no clue what I was talking about.


the captains of crush (coc) r great training tools, they r a little more expensive than these ones, which i have

they end up being about $35 delivered.

get the 200lb as a min, and work from there

Stef, why CoCs? Do you feel like it's something of a new weakness of yours or are you just trying to experiment with something new?

can you send me an email;


I wouldn't say it's a weakness.
I've just started doing strength training over summer, and was looking on something to focus on grip strength.
How've you been?

Friend of mine has the full set, including 350lb, which is near impossible with both hands!!!!

double leg

"...I've just started doing strength training ..."

That can be a lot of fun - I've experiemented with it over the years with mixed results. On the 'plus' side, having 'awesome strength' certainly doesn't hinder one's grappling game; on the 'negatives' the stresses such training places on the body makes for heaps of injury potential.

"How've you been?"

Pretty good. You might not know that I've recently had an addition to the family: little Harriet (now 4 mths). She's a chip off the old block, just yesterday I was working her through Sweeps from Guard drills with her teddy bear, which she handled without drama, however her subs from Mount, while creative, do require a bit of work (presently they all seem to involve drooling/vomiting).

My training has been better this year than last - I've already made it to Mid-March without an injury! I've got some nice combinations worked out now that seem to be the business, but there seems to be a lot of depth on the mat these days - no sooner do you come up with a new attack etc, than someone develops just as an effective counter. Also some of the guys have been doing particularly well as of late e.g., your old mate Chris Chua gave me a run for my money not long ago.

you can buy them all here. the main store is in melbourne on toorak rd.

12 posts and no masturbatory overtones......... disspointing :D


I got mine through the Kellogs "frosties" promotion.
!collect the whole set!

(sorry, couldnt resist, i actually wouldnt mind getting them too).

Yo Stef, I just sent you an emaill so check your box.
Also check out, I got myself one of these and play with it at work. It won't increase your grip strength but I've found it great for muscular endurance in the forearms.

I bought mine from Ironmind years ago. Great company if you're comfortable ordering over the net. I've got the trainer, the 1 and the 2.

"I've got the trainer, the 1 and the 2. "

How often do you squeeze out a Number 2? :D


Hey Vargas.
Can you resend that email, be good to catch up.
I'm down melb uni again on thursday, I'll pop in and see if you're working.

I would definately start out with the trainers.

" How often do you squeeze out a Number 2?"

About two hours after a high fibre meal. That means three to four times per day. Of course, I sometimes get backed up and it's as little as once every two days. They're usually great big painful tugboats with spikes sticking out by then.

Sorry you asked?

I played with a few sets at Rick's place (Aust. Kettlebells). These things are nuts, they are rated 1-5. I couldn't get the level 3 set closed.