Captains of Crush

Just bought the number 1 gripper. these things are legit. It makes me feel like a woman.

You should try the #3. While I can close the #1 about 12 times in a row, I can barely make the #3 budge.

I had a #2 also but a friend of mine closed it before I did so I gave it to him in disgust.

I tried to close the #2 a couple days ago. The operative word being "tried".

My grip is so weak I can't even close the #1.  Funny this thread came up today, I just posted a vid on Youtube yesterday about trying to close the 1 gripper.  Its one of my current goals.  Check the vid out of you have time.


I bought the trainer, 1 and 2 several years ago. I could nearly close the #2 the day I got it (I have very large hands - helps a lot). I can still squeeze out a few reps. I used to use the trainer for static holds. I haven't used them in quite a while, though. I do think they're a great tool.

I can close the n.1 but my hands are so small it's difficult to set it right. Haven't tried the n.2 yet.

I have the same problem as androushka, the hardest part for me is getting a good grip. I can close the number one about 3 times, but I rarely use it because my hands take enough of a beating from deadlifts and such. I do a few sets with the trainer once or twice a week.

CoC1 x25 with either hand with my finger trips :). I am weaker if I wrap my fingers around the handles...:P

CoC2 x8 withmy right hand and 1x with my left hand. It felt NICE closing the f0cking BAST that ist he CoC2.

I use to rock climb a lot and my fingers are really strong. Not strong enough to do rafter pull ups! Saw some videos of some guys doing that, seriously impressive!

Have fun and you'll get jacked up numbers very soon.


For the guys that have trouble with the grip, are you making sure to have the handle with the "curved" side of the spring in your palm? That gives a bit more help with leverage.

I don't remember what the correct term is for the straight side vs. curved side of the spring but I saw that tip on a grip training site.

You have to constantly use the gripper that you cant close yet. Use two hands to close it and then do holds with one hand at a time. Do that until your grip is fried and then mess around with the one you can close.


Waste of time in my opinion. I could close the #2 in high school 12 times but it didn't help me that much as a wrestler because when someone breaks your grip they do so at the thumb, not the fingers. You all would be better off training pinch grip.

I agree with Anek.

The only time that you would use your crush grip in grappling/MMA is in the gi game, and even then, it's al about controlling the gi, not the strength of your grip.

"You all would be better off training pinch grip."

you can train pinch and crush grip with a Ivanko.

Back in 2003 I could close the #3 with my right hand. I was going to get my picture taken by Milo but I had to drive to St Louis to do it and I didn?t want to spend the gas money. Kinda wish I would have now.

Since then I stopped training with them much (I wish I would have stuck with it) I can still pick up the # 2 and close it 12 times though. I could close the #2 the first time I tried. With my left hand I have only been able to close the #2 a few times.

I used to work pinch grip a bit as well. I managed to pinch two 35lbs York plates together with one hand and lift them off the ground (smooth side out of coarse). I was working on the 45s before I lost motivation.

Oh yeah I own two #2s and two #1s they all require different pressure to close. I also have two #3s but they are about the same. I guess they make their #3 and #4 with tighter tolerances as they are their signature grippers.

Your advice is appreciated.

I have one of the hub attachments that you were talking about. I like it a lot and I agree with you about the grippers not carrying over to the rest of life very well. I think things like rope climbs, towel chin ups and finger tip pushups--exercises that include the thumb in particular are more useful however adding gripers can add enjoyment to working grip.

Also don?t forget to train opening your hand (reverse pinch grip).

I have the #1 and it is a challenge to close it. 3 with the right, 1 with the left.

You're crazy if you don't think grip strenght helps in grappling. I've had guys grab my wrist for a Kimura and if it's like a vise then it is FAR more difficult to escape than some pussy squeeze.