Caption/Romo this Eddie Bravo pic

"You never go full retard"

Was watching an EB video and paused, this is what I got.
Blue please.

"It puts the lotion on its skin or it gets the hose again!"



Hus - <img src="" alt="" /> 

I got a new bong!!!

 "Renato got deported!"  :) 



" I'm number 347 on Itunes."

"Bro, I'm rolling balls. HeHeHeHeHe"

thats the look I get when I walk into cold water slowly, right as it touches my balls..

"This next move is called Down Syndrome Control"

 Joey is here! Joey is here!


eddie-"ok, thats deep enough"
joe-"sorry man"

Why do you take these backhanded swipes at brazilians?

Because open-handed slaps are reserved for pimps.

i am so flexible i can put my leg up my arse hole!

kung -

The first one is awesome....