*Caption this female MMA fight pic* WIN A PRIZE


I had to LOL when I saw this pic from Martial Combat.

ESPN STAR Sports has been promoting MMA in Singapore and showing the event on their TV Channel. (kinda like those old "Friday night fights" boxing events) The events are being broadcast to over 310 million homes in over 24 countries. Martial Combat has become one of the larger shows in Asia for MMA, and they have finally started promoting female fights.

This pic is of Chinese fighter Yang Xiao Nan up against Gina Iniong of the Philippines. I watched the bout in the locker room as I was preparing for my fight--and have to say it was easily Fight Of The Night. These girls really threw down!

Best comment on the photo will win a Six Deuce Tiger Muay Thai T-shirt and a few Muay Thai posters :)

Contest will end on the 24th. I'll let FABES pic the winner.

To find out more about the promotion check out their website

Martial Combat

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Showing off an ancient Chinese toe hold.


Chinese fighter Yang Xiao Nan executes the seldom used and highly skilled S.T.F.H. or 'Standing Toe Fish Hook' against Gina Iniong of the Philippines.

Gina Iniong of the Philippines executes the seldom used and highly skilled S.T.F.H. or 'Standing Toe Fish Hook' against Chinese fighter Yang Xiao Nan.

Wheres my t-shirt?... Keep the posters...

Guybrush_Starkiller6969 - Whad did the 5 toes say to the face?

<img src="http://i161.photobucket.com/albums/t220/boomshalock/teh%20og/SLAP.jpg" alt="" />


ESPN Friday Night Fights was good tonight

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