Caption this photo (Big f'n Tuba)

It's no Babe Ruth


Gonna need a lotta luba for that tuba?

Eh I got nothing.

Only the New York Rangers blow hard enough to play that thing

Chicks dig guys with big horns

"its not a tubaaaaaa!"

Babe Ruth's fleshlight prototype to be displayed in baseball hall of fame.

That's not a knife. THIS is a knife.

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He literally said he had the surgery after retirement. Yet people keep pushing this narrative that he fought with 1 eye. Lol

Well regardless if he had that prosthetic or not, He did still fight with one eye. So after Belford he was already legally blind from what I researched 

Most times unfortunately these surgeries are a gamble with low prognosis. His eye more then likely looked normal after the injury but the surgery to repair the detachment is what likely gave him the damaged outward appearance. I assume they gave him gas, then oil, then a buckle...

wait till you see my spit valve 

it took all three of us to figure out where to put our penis'

Wipe yourselves off ladies, you're dripping