Caption this pic HENDO!

Hendo beating the crap out of Oyama

Or maybe a photoshop of them figure skating.

I think I did that romoshop. I'll post it if it's on my server in a bit.

Oyama hit while doing the 80's dance move, the running man

Damn, I couldn't find that pic.

"Don't move dude, you got something on your neck"

Oyama looks like a zombie

"to the left, to the right, now slide........"

Yep, that cauliflower is ripe

Don't move man there's a bee on your neck ! Oyama : Holy shit ! Get it away from me

dan hendo is the man. i hope gets revence against vanderlei
altought that will be crazy difficult.

"When I swing, you start doing the drunken gorilla dance"

"How much more can Oyama take of the dreaded ear clinch?!"

You just punched my EAR!

LOL at that pic!

"Oyama riding an invisible razor scooter while Dan Henderson strikes a pose before piercing Oyama's ear"

[punches whistling past ears] Oyama: there a way out of here?

Posting for my brother David.