Caption This Pic Please

"I got this fucked up ear and i dont even know how to do an arm bar"

worse part is, ive seen some people born that way.

Is he even able to hear out of that thing?

Not only am I the earclub president, I'm also a client.

Not just the ear, why hasn't anyone mentioned that huge welt under his eye?

Imagine how much more of a beating I could have withstood if I actually TRAINED for this fight. Thank God I'm a big fat pig with a weird looking ear.

Who is that guy?

You too can have a ear like this,

just talk shit and get in the ring with Couture

"tell me your name horsemaster, and i shall tell ye mine"

Spock who?

That's Corrie fucking Sanders, you better show some respect! BTW he was robbed in that fight, awful stoppage. Comming into the fight out of shape and taking a beating was all part of his master gameplan. The ref did not allow Corrie to fight his own fight by stopping it prematurely. He was "psyching" Vitali out and was working his way towards a late round KO victory.

good ol' vagina ear.