Caption this pic.

Ref: WTF ! ! !

Cummo: "Ummm Josh,... I'm over here now."


HAHAHAHAHA...I guess if you takedown the ref thats an AUTOMATIC stoppage

the Bas Rutten system of takedown defense.


nice low single

Haynes is a tough mofo. Keeps fighting after being KOed.

The Singer fight the kid is BEGGIN the doc to let him fight on despite his skull hanging half off

Doug Gordon getting his 2nd mma win over some fringe contender from Long Island?

"That Ref has no takedown defence"

haha, that's funny.


i wonder what was going through luke's head? if josh haynes had started ground-and-pounding the ref, would luke have tried to break it up?

I love that he took down the ref.

i like luke tryin to save the ref

I was wondering the same thing bad1121.

The ref needs to work on his ukemi before they let him back in the ring.

Nice shot to the body by Luke as a followup.

lol you guys have some good ones.


Awesome fight Luke. Congrats on your win.

I was thinking that ref needs to work on his sprawl

luke am very proud of you bro.great knock out buddy TTT team serra longo

haha conditioned response