Caption This (pic)


or romoshop it!!

"we are going to kick your ass...and look damn good doing it!"

BEEP on that last caption

No caption necessary, IMO LoL

You can't wear a bowtie AND speak French. It's the equivalent of sucking 37 dicks.

Me thinks they are just coming back from doing this.

editor's note: The look on the dog's face makes the pic even more disturbing.



This is from their photoshoot with Gurgel and a few others, correct? Do you have the link? I recall it was a bad-ass shoot inside a period mansion of some type. Would love to look at it again. Thanks.


I think this is from maxim

WTF is this? First fashion photo shoot I've seen with fighters and I must say I don't like the idea.


Great Expectations.

A Cockwork Orange

They look like a tag team walking to the ring. The Blue Bloods are something to that effect.

the dog looks like he's trying to avoid the gheyness

GSP: I am not a 'omo, you suck my deek!