caption this pic


"I'm so fucking dead when I get home"

"OMG Daddy some scary black man stole my car and ran it into a light pole. It was AWFUL!"

I wonder whose car that is?

Micky 17. Right next to the pole. Phone Post 3.0

who moved the kitchen?

Which side is the brake on again? Phone Post

There was no place else to park!

Just in the parking lot they said

What's the worst that could happen Phone Post

"In Saudi Arabia women aren't allowed to drive"

"Damn it!.....Stupid piggle taint distracted me" Phone Post

"Hi honey!  It's blowjob night tonight!"

"When did they start putting lightpoles right in the middle of a parking lots?..."

"I hope that pole has insurance." Phone Post

Danika Patrick with pole position Phone Post

I leave the kitchen for 2 minutes and look what happened