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That has to be the most disgusting, disturbing thing I've ever seen. Those things look like they would kill just about anything

What the hell are those things??

not sure? maybe some one who just got back from the Middle East can shed some light as to what type of creature that is, but man If I saw one of those things coming after me I probably freeze with fear :)

Looks like a 1SG that should be busted for disturbing the wildlife.


camel spiders

Indeed a camel spider.

Camel spiders are fucking scary looking.

To caption the pic, I would say OWN3D!

Fucking Hell that thing is scary!! It looks like a face sucker out of Alien

Ive seen those damn things all over the ground one night when we spent the night in Kuwaiti desert to callibrate our shine a light on the ground and they scatter everywhere....

Shoot, how big are they? In the above picture they are blown up a bit so they appear bigger than I think they actually are.

funkywb- lol I agree own3ed would be a great caption :)

What is the spider on the bottom doing to the spider on the top?

May God have mercy on us!

The largest I have seen had a leg span of 8" or so. This was in Jordan.

Camel Spiders: The Official Arachnids of Gulf War II

April 7, 2003
With the war on, we expected to get searches for
different kinds of military hardware. We expected
searches for the nations of the Middle East. We
expected searches for war news and pictures. But we
had a hard time figuring out what was the reason for a
very odd term that showed up in the middle of last
week: camel spiders.

Looks like this was the big war-related April Fool of
2003. No, there really is such an animal as the camel
spider, but its powers of ingestion have been highly
exaggerated. An email was going around the Internet
last week that claimed that the troops in Iraq were
encountering camel spiders and discovering all kinds
of amazing facts about the creatures.

They run over 25 miles per hour. They make squealing
noises like a child screaming when they scamper about.
Worst of all, they are called "camel spiders" because
they climb onto the bellies of camels and eat their
stomachs from the outside, numbing the flesh by
secreting a natural anesthetic. The camels don't even
notice until their intestines fall out.

None of which is true.

In reality, camel spiders aren't some mysterious
Arabian creature -- we have them in the United States
and in Mexico, where they are called matevenados. They
are slightly smaller than the human hand, and while
they do run quickly, their top speed is 10 miles per
hour, not 25. But they also make no noise, they
excrete no venom, and although they can be voracious
nocturnal predators, they don't eat camels. They eat
delicious crickets and pillbugs, and sometimes


In all my years lurking, that is the scariest mother f'er I've ever seen.