caption this pic

It's flash so I'm not sure if you can put it up namer?

You didn't like their homoerotic caption of "Complete Studs"?

lol, I don't know who came up with that caption...can a blue namer at least put up a link if you can't get the picture up? Thanks

yes, the use of the term "stud" is rampant in the UFC and a bit disturbing.

how about team stud

That very much looks like some form of Australian folk dance.

Stud is a normal wrestling term. Just I liked "He fucked him up" doesn't mean angry prison sex.

Kirik: So you're in charge of the captions, eh? =^)

"The complete stud was preparing to fuck him up"

"Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Unite!"

Special Olimpics announcer voice:

**Here we have the conjoint twins in their gymnastics rutine***

Thier hopes of winning the three legged race were dashed after a crash on turn 3.

Damn. Nice pic, stupid gay caption.