Caption this picture

"Flawless Victory"

Chuck - "Jon, Where is your other hand?"
Jon - "Between two pillows"
Chuck - "Those arent pillows"
Jon & Chuck - " Ahhhhh "
Jon - "How but them Bears"
Chuck - "They gotta great team, goin all the way"

"it gives us the ring back! my precious."

"chuck do you need a hug"

That is an awesome pic!!! One of the best I have seen in MMA, right up there with the Genki/Royler pic!

Chuck: What is it?

John: I don't know, but it killed Eastman too.

ttt for that pic.

Rampage sings the Mary Tyler Moore song: There's a new girl in town and she's looking good!

Wonder where I can get a much bigger version of that picture?

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"That's what you get for painting your toe nails like a little girl"

thats what chuck gets for dropping the soap in the octagon

lol, someone needs to photoshop Black Snake Moan into that pic.

BJM - I saw the whole thing and the cops are on their way, Chuck!

wow! lol

nice pic!

yes it is

You mean Michealangelo's "Creation of Adam" painting on the ceiling of
the Sistene Chapel?

think thats the 1