Car accident questions.

This is in the state of NV.

Got rear ended last night. My neck is a little stiff this morning. How does this whole process work? Do I go to the doc and pay out of pocket and the insurance company pays me later? How can I be sure they'll pay the amount of the doctor's visit? If there is actual damage how will they pay future amounts?

As for my vehicle..... Bumper is destroyed and there is some body damage and possible frame damage but I couldn't tell last night. The car is driveable.

If there is no frame damage I'd like to just get an aftermarket bumper. Does the insurance company still have to give me $$ for the damages even if I don't have a shop repair it? IE can I take it to their appraiser (Who happens to be a local shop I and friends use, does good work and is honest) and just have them give me a check for the amount the appraiser says the damages will be?

It will vary. You really need to read your contract, and contact the person who hit you's insurance company.

Steve is correct. It'll depend on your policy. Glad to hear you're okay.

I had a car hit in Michigan and my insurance company just sent me a check for the maximum $500 allowable by law, damage was about $1500.

Ditched the car 4 months later and the check went into my account.

As it turns out, they don't pay the shop directly, they pay me. I get $1800 for the damages, I'll just be puttin a new bumper on and keeping the $$.

No neck damage, but they gave me $550 because when I called I said my neck was stiff. Awefully nice of them. I didn't sign anything releasing them from further problems though.