Car Sterio Opinions

im thinking of adding a few 12's , maybe some JL audio, i wannna hear some opinions on what you have all heard and liked.....ive heard Kenwood- aint too bad at all........Fosgate- good.......Alpine- wasnt too alright

If you want my opinion, Spend the most on your mids(this is where most of your music comes from)tweeters and subs are just extensions of your mids. you are better off buying one solid 12 with a good sturdy enclosure. If done right is will outpound 4 12's that were slapped together. Treat your whole car has a sound peice(it is the acoustical envoirment and is almost allways overlooked).

sound advice, people assume putting in a couple big subs will make them have a badass system, when in fact thats the last place you should be investing big money.

had a friend who had a sweet full sound and all he used was one 10' sub in the truck.

what type of car/truck do you have cleff?

dodge neon

Has anyone heard of the Orion H2 12.2? Are they comparable to JL 12W7's.


Since this is the soundground, I suggest a head unit that has an easily accessible line input so you can connect a guitar processor, laptop (with synth and sequencer software), or keyboard.

Nothing like throwing your own groove.

Ponyboy has jammed to the correct.

I have JL Audio complete in my Dodge Ram Quad cab. I removed the front center console/seat and had a custom console built for two JL W3 12's with a JL 500/1 amp pushing those. Then in the front I have the JL 6x9's and JL 6" in the back. The back is stock 5 1/4 but they make a 6" so I was able to fit those in the stock space. I have a JL 300/4 pushing those. Sounds very clean. I have had some good systems in the past, but this is the best Ive had ever. I was happy with what I got but I know there are plenty of excellent companies out there. Im not knocking them at all, just saying I am a happy customer with what i have.

The deck i have running it is a Kenwood 815 DVD player. Just got it along with a couple headrest monitors.



sound stream amps are the best in the business.i have my 2 18 inch jl's bridged to 1000 watts it kicks makes people cry.