CAR WARS! The Table Top Game!

best game)

King of the burbs?

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Battletech is cool. More into Warhammer 40K or 30K myself. Currently building a Tyranid army after selling my Night Lords and Death Guard legions.

I`ve always had a penchant for solving puzzles and problems—especially when it comes to technology and different games. Not only that, but friends frequently come to me for help with all such troubles. I simply love the innovative world of technology and the possibilities that come with it. That is why I decided to learn software development and become a part of a team like them Great idea, right?

You get to play this yet @King_Trav ?
Are game mechanics basically the same still?

I remember falling in love with this in '86 or so playing Autoduel (the Apple IIe version of Car Wars) :slight_smile:

Damn shame that the (very) few video games in this genre have never been particularly good since that point.