Cara Delevingne @ Fashion Met Gala

What happened to her ? Did she injure her leg , why does she have a cane ?

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Just once I’d like to see a chick wearing something like this at the grocery store

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I think she’s a super villain like the penguin


I feel like the met gala is an opportunity for celebrities to Come up with the most retarded outfits they can think of and see if they can get people to think it’s cool



Reasonably attractive, but hip-deep in batshit crazy.

I’d help her with her Skyrizi injection.

The separation between what a celebrity will wear to a gala, and a porn star will wear to an adult video award show continues to shrink.

What does that tell us about society


What’s up with her elbow? Is that a psoriasis ridden elbow?

I’m sorry but those are some ugly goddamn pictures!

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She looks like she smells bad.

Is she the one with the awesome house?

Elbows too itchy

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Vigorously and often

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all female celebs get there eventually. Some sooner than others but they all get to their SLUT phase. It’s standard issue in the music biz. Your star begins to fade the hoe it up. pathetic.

Poor Goldfinger girl knock off.

Her allure alludes me… Ugly for a ‘super’ model

Classless whore.


She has incredibly beautiful features. Mind numbing the flack she gets on this forum. She is definitely crazy though.

She is proof that being a model means nothing anymore.