Carboard Beds: Tokyo OLYMPICS Won't Let 'Em Bang, Bro!

It sort of does suck in many ways (Tokyo) Why? Well, when you see them working 18 hours a day in heels and full suits and at 9 pm on a saturday you see those same dressed people on the train…and not a SINGLE ONE will acknowledge you are even alive. No smiles, head nods, everyone looking at the floor. Plus you can’t talk on the subway as it is a major social no no. People are very polite and reserved which isn’t hard to do when you refuse to make eye contact or speak.

Lots of restaurants have a “menu looksee fee” (don’t know the term in Japanese). So it would cost you a fee if you are sat and decided you didn’t want to eat there.

Oddly enough, highways and high rise buildings both have fences to prevent suicides. You’ll see a high rise building with fencing covering the windows.

The country is spotless and they are about 30 years ahead of us in public transport, how to run a city, and technology.

The pros: If you are an anime fan or a video game dork (I am) then Sega, Bandai, Konami, and others have these 6 story arcades full of games that are exclusive to Japan. The ground floor is all toy cranes, top floor is gambling.

The Judo hall is there too as other people have mentioned. I’m old and have lots of injuries so I have no interest in doing any Judo and watching would be like the ultimate form of grappling blue balls.

Food is great. Stayed at Tokyo Dome hotel and went to an NJPW card at Korukeun hall, which is right next door to the Tokyo Dome. (sp?) Lots of mma, boxing, baseball, kickboxing, and pro wrestling all on the same property. If you are an MMA fan and go when there is a big event it could make the trip worthwhile.

All in all, Japan is cool for a few days but i’m not itching to go back. I like to see happy people having fun, not bunch of isolated hermits being worked to death.

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Lot of truth in your post, but Japan is behind in a lot of tech areas.

Lived in Tokyo for four years. Like most places, there are plusses and minuses. But as you said, if you are into nerd culture and a narrow version of existence, it’s a good place. And there are some cool things from previous generations, but they are disappearing.

For fucks sake, there is a deaf and blind USA Para Olympian that had to withdraw because they won’t allow her personal assistant that helps her to get around to go there.

Cancel the fucking games

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These games could turn out to be a shit show for Japan. Literally.

They Olympic village is also supposedly serving food made from ingredients from Fukushima.

As for the cardboard beds, Shinzo Abe’s brother is the CEO of Mitzubishi Shoji Packaging company, who is providing the cardboard boxes. Coinkidink? I don’t think so.

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And to make matters worse, some heavy rains, landslides and flooding around the country. The humidity isn’t going to help with the cardboard beds.


“Chance to cancel the games is not out of the question”.

Most ppl don’t care about the VAST majority of those sports anyway.

I’ve never been sat at a restaurant and then left because I didn’t want anything on the menu. Do people really do this? I can understand if you got inside and then realized everything was dirty or rude service. But to be seated and then leave is wasting their time. Especially nowadays where you can look up menus before you even go there.

I’m fine with them still charging a fee. You’re taking up a spot that they could’ve filled with another customer.

A cardboard bed isn’t stopping anyone