Card Rooms in Lake Charles, LA?

1) Are they still around, i.e. have they recovered from Katrina?

2) What games, limits and rakes are we talking about here?

Thanks for the info! I didn't want to drive over there and see a bunch of boarded up casinos and looters running out carrying a craps table and have to run for my life.

i played at the isle before, the NL was deeeep stacked at the lowest buyin.

Wow, someone asks a question about something local.
Yes, there is poker going on in Lake Charles, La.
The Isle of Capri poker room has been open for some time since the hurricane. The two biggest cash games there are $3-6-12 limit and $5-5 No Limit. Of course there are other games too.
Where as there were about 10 tournaments a week there, now there is only a few. The boom seems to be slowing down.
There is a new casino being built adjacent to the LaBerge Dulac casino and it is supposed to have the highest end poker in the area.
Sadly, Harrah's got blown away and did not reopen.

Doesn't matter to me though, I get tired of driving 35 miles in from Texas to go play.

What are other games are spread at Lake Charles?

I think they still play 7 card stud. While Omaha and Omaha hi/low split was real popular for a while, I don't think anyone is hardly playing it anymore.