Cardano Crypto (ADA) TME

Have seen several autists on here pushing Cardano so I took the plunge a couple of weeks ago and bought $20k @ $1.25 or so… which it abruptly crashed.

Looks like its back up in the $1.25+ area… so thats cool. What are your long term projections on this one? Does it have the juice to hit $10? $100?

My original thought was to ride and cash out profit at $2.00 to build a high end garage gym here (I think it would be ~$13k profit wise at $2) and just let the $20k ride from there.

Educate me you shittards. I’m a crypto-dummy.

It’s really a tax on the stupid

It will more than likely hit at least 5.00

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Be patient, see what happens after Gaugin (sp?) and the Africa deal. It was at .0363 last year.

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Lets hope so!

I have a small amount, a lot of people seem to think it’s a better version of Etherium and likely to be the 2nd biggest crypto eventually, not really sure why I tend to just read the threads on here, dip in to Reddit and ask a few of my friends who are into the technical side of things and whichever seems to be getting the most hype and hasn’t gone up massively already in the last few weeks I buy a little bit of

Despite the crash I’m buying some later


I’m liking everything I’ve read about it, and have bought approx 2000 ADA