Cardio and strength work-same day?

Is it okay to do cardio and strength work back to back? I'm hoping to
do a workout I found on and Taku
intervals during the same session. Would it be cool to do that MWF?



Not a problem if you can handle it recovery-wise.


Depends on your goals.

I've read in several places that any serious cardio on the same day as you weight train inhibits some muscle growth.

But if you are looking for a nice happy medium of strength and cardio then I say go for it.

Just remember that the harder you train the important basics of making sure you are getting plenty of water, clean eating including pre and post work out nutrition, and getting plenty of rest.

Thanks, guys. Good answer.

I'm actually trying to get fit for some competitions. I haven't competed in a while, so my main goal is going to be gettin my cardio ship-shape, and I'm also going to try and lose about 10 lbs. The weight training is an effort to not lose strength while I lose weight, and maybe to get a bit more defined too, though that's very much a secondary goal.

So that sort of brings me to my next question: Should I do the cardio, or the lifting first?


Lift first.

That's what I was thinking.


Greggie you can even incorporate them into the same workout. If you are intereted I would help you devize a plan of action.