Cardio/Lifting/Nutrition program..

For about three months before a fight. I plan on fighting sometime in August, I train about 4-5 times a week and go to the gym upwards of 6 times a week in some fashion.

Any tips?

That it! Thanks.

email me at and I will give you the plan that myself and a few other fighters with Team Voodoo follow. We get these things from our own ideas, mixed in with stuff we get from Rich Franklin, Jorge Gurgel and Josh Rafferty from MEat Truck Inc.

shiiiiit, i'm gonna email you too! haha


Is making weight going to be an issue?

I weight about 163 now I'd like to fight at 155. Weight shouldn't be a problem.

Hey if you like email me the crutchmaster is my trainer.He has some workouts that will make you puke:) he also has his own
exericse forum train hard.He's always willing to help out a fighter.




I hope it helps you out bro i told crutchmaster i had
sent out one of his programs.He told me he will sponsor
3 mma fighters just email me and i will forward your
emails to him.Take care bro good luck in your training.


If you're going to be training that much you should probably check out this article on overtraining

and this article on peaking and tapering

Good luck!