Cardio on Punching Bag?

I'd like to hit the bag for an hour or so.

That gets kinda boring though.

Any help in making it more interesting is greatly appreciated.

See my answer on Proper way to use heavy bag (or Fantam - on the Hevay (sic) bag

Hi Jacob,

First, I think hitting the bag alone for an hour is a bit much, but it's up to you. Personally, I like to do 3 or 4 rounds on the heavy bag, two rounds on the uppercut or wall bag, maybe one or two on the speed bag, and that's it. It's great for sport-specific conditioning but I think other things are just as important such as running for aerobic conditioning, interval training or running bleachers etc. for anaerobic, and sprinting, jumping rope etc. Most important is sparring.

One thing I like to do on the bag is the 3 minute drill which is hitting as many times as you can with about 75% power over the three minute period, n I of course like to save that for my last round.

Here are some things I copied off, I'll also give you the link.

1. Speed Drill - Throw your punches as fast as possible. A minimum of 4 punches per combination. Develops speed and anaerobic endurance.
2. Outside Drill - Throw your jab and straight power punch combination. Circle and jab. Throw your combination and move. Circle in both directions. Develops footwork and staying power.
3. Inside Drill - Get in close with hooks and uppercuts. Slip, bob and weave. Develops inside power and stamina.
4. Change Directions - If you usually circle left, circle right. Throw jabs while mixing in combinations as you move. Develops coordination, endurance and change-up ability.
5. Jab - Do an entire round with only the jab. Snap out single, double and triple jabs. Mix in feints. Move in both directions. Develops quickness, stamina and coordination.

...and the link for this particular article is:

Sorry if this is information that you already know. Again with the bag though I would definitely do other things if I had a full hour to train, I usually spend no more than 20 minutes total on the heavy bag before going to another one.

Good luck!



Get the Bas Rutten MMA workout....

He yells out combinations out to you, tells you to sprall, throw knees, kicks...everything. At the very least, it should keep you from getting bored.

"with the bag though I would definitely do other things if I had a full hour to train"

I have a bag hanging in my garage. No other equipment.

I can do other stuff in the gym, just wanted some ideas for when I'm at home.

Thanks for your help.

The Bas Rutten Workout tapes/CDs are really good for this. After you get to the point where you can do several rounds on the bag, try doing pushups or squats during the 1 minute break between rounds.