Cardio: Phil Baroni & Mark Coleman?

Phil Baroni and Mark Coleman meet with coach Brian every week for an intensive obstacle course training session. This consists of S A Q drills, plyometrics, and cardiovascular endurance strength & conditioning along with resistance training.

Check out the pics by clicking the photo below!

looks inshape

 no jean shorts?

Baroni at 170lbs is insane!

Has Phil continued to not smoke?

He said he quit by using the patch and as an x smoker I know how much better your cardio and heart rate can be without those nasty ass things.

I saw him smoking about two years ago. I dont thinkg he still smokes. Anyone know if he is still smoking?

 TTT for my two favorite fighters!!!

That would be hysterical if he wore the daisy dukes.

War Baroni...

He looks great! No Ghey.

Go Phil!!!

for training sessions I wish there was video.

 Does anybody still doubt The Hammer will be ready for Machida? 

Colin Farrell is looking ripped all of a sudden.

Baroni does NOT smoke

BEEPS self after looking at that

I had to stop looking at the pics. The romoshop ideas were coming so fast that I almost went into a seizure. Please delete this thread immediately. Because if the romoshops start, they will never end!


Baroni is ripped !

And he looks like he is turning into Amar Suloev with that beard in that pic.

That would be an interesting rematch.

THE Most "athletic" looking I have ever seen Phil.....heard his cardio is insane!...I believe that after seeing these pictures...he has a different being Joe Riggs right now.....was watching an interview with Mike Brown yesterday where he said the "worst" opponent to fight is someone you have more to lose losing to then than you do to gain if you win...thats the exact position Riggs is in here....for somereason thats how its played out....there are many people who thinks that Riggs should win this fight....I'm definately not one of those people....Joe is fighting a VERY dangerous 170 lbs fighter at the worst possible time....Phil has NEVER walked around looking this light and fit.....Baroni looks awesome!.....Riggs is gonna be in for a long night...and watching that press conference the other day something tells me he knows that....Baroni by brutal KO within 2 rounds


GNPfan -  

 thank u sir may i have another?


had to try my own

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