Cardio question...

I have a question for you guys and gals. I heard you should switch your cardio routine up every now and then because your body adjust to the type of workout you perform. Is there any truth to this?

Yes, your body adapts to meet it's demands. Say you always ran, then you'd be really good at running, but not as good at other activities. If you run 1/2 the time, and biked 1/2 the time, then you'd be a good runner, biker and anything else that these two activites combined give you.

I know that running helps cardio, which does help biking and other cardio activites.

My point was: doing multiple cardio activites is more beneficial than doing one single activity.

you should always change your routine every 3 months at the latest.
to increase your cardio quickly do hinemullas? 100m sprint walk 10m then jog back to the start, sprint again.
When you can do 40 you are getting fit.

Fitness is the gradual adaptation of the body to stress. You
stress your body through training, and then your body adapts
to the stress.

If you don't change the stressor, your body will cease
adapting. If you do the same cardio workout for long enough,
your body will have no reason to change.

Or you could try to do three different types of cardio a week. It works for me, and my trainees.

Thanks for the info. What if the only reason that you do cardio is to lose weight? The reason I ask is my girlfriend doesn't train in any martial art...all she cares about is losing weight. Does the rule still apply to her?

Yes, still applies.

Think of it like this: goal: you are trying to get smarter, so you try to learn calculus. You spend a year learning calculus, you know everything about it. Now, would you keep studying calculus, or try something new?

It's similar with cardio, the body learned most of what it could from running, now it needs new stimulation to grow. Activity burns calories, but you can get better results by picking new activites.

Also, she could try running intervals, they are better for fat loss. I don't know how serious she is into fitness, so it's your call.


That makes alot of sense. She is pretty dedicated to working out...but she has a horrible diet. I tell her all the time that if she cleaned up her eating habits, and switched up her cardio routine that she would see better results. I'm hoping that if she hears it from enough people, she might see the light.

Diet is going to be 80-90% of her success.

Ya, if she just cleaned up her diet, that would be enough. Diet is so important for how you look. Ever see girls in the gym EVERY DAY and they still look like crap? I bet they're not eating right. It saddens me, especially if they have hot faces.

Put it this way, you burn like 600 calories an hour running, max. You go home, eat a bunch of food, you figure you've earned it. All your exercise is doing for you is allowing you to eat more food, calorie wise.

If she had a solid diet (no starches/sugar), then she wouldn't have to run all the time. She could just exercise normally, with better results.

She is a vegatarian (not sure about spelling)and a horrible one at that. Her diet consists of cereal, cheese pizza, and peanut butter and jelly! (I swear that's the truth)

So she is a "junk food vegetarian".

It's hard to get people to care about their health when they don't already. Caring about yourself seems like it should be common sense. There are lots of healthy ways to eat vegetarian style.

She eats way to much junk food! I hear her complain how she has gained some weight lately...but I guess she hasn't hit that point where enough is enough.