Cardio while gaining muscle mass?

Hi guys. First, I am not a fighter, I am only a fan who does quite a lot of fitness training, so please don't slave over responses.

My situation - I am one of those guys who has a body like Igor Vov. - well built (especially lower body), and I naturally carry quite a lot of fat. I am looking to get a lot leaner over the next 2-3 months but gain some muscle at the same time. As I work long hours, I have minimal time and these time constraints leave me about 1.5hrs a night for working out. My current routine consists of running 3-4 miles 2 or 3 times a week, and I have just started weights again.

My questions is this - what are the best sorta of times to run in order to lose fat, but not get too thin and counteract the attempt to gain more muscle?

Thanks in advance.


to lose weight you need to run early in the day because it burns fat all day during the recovery. If that's the sort of "time" you meant. try and get out before work. It means that you will have a higher metabolism too and will eat more, but eat the correct food and you should see changes.


Also try some HIIT 2x a week if you can.

Takus' intervals can be found on

They are very effective.


Thanks guys.

I'll try and get out earlier in the day. Unfortunately, here in Scotland it's freezing cold, so early mornings aren't very appealing!

Try HOC twice a week to hack off some fat without losing muscle. See my articles on HOC at



I just read through your Condensed Training article. Extremely impressive. How would you incorporate Condensed Training (i.e. something similar to what you talk about in the article) with HOC? or possibly mixing EDT or Rest-Pause Training with HOC?

I remember you saying in an email that you personally wouldnt combine EDT with HOC, but im curious about the other two.

Thanks mate, hope you and your loved ones have had a good christmas.