Career advice

You can bring it up while on the trip, but don’t go around your boss, you have to go through him first. Use the trip as an opportunity for the CEO to see you shine.

Don’t make a threat to leave, or even that you saw other positions listed. Explain to them what you do for the company, explain all the extra work that you do, and request a raise to bring your compensation up to the level of your responsibility. Etc.

Don’t say you can get more elsewhere, don’t say you see the same position open at other companies for more, and don’t say you’ll leave.

Make a clear business case example of why you’re worth more than you’re currently making. Have a number in mind, but don’t give it, and be prepared for them to discuss it further at a later date. Your initial conversation is to make them aware of your request, if the agree to it right there, that’s great. But your initial conversation is to open up the subject, not to get a firm response or decide on a number. I don’t know your company, but a decision like that probably isn’t agreed to and finalized on the road, so you’re just bringing it up, and then follow up with them back at the office in a week or so when it’s appropriate

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Gonna go with this advice. @Cheddar_Man you were a close second my brother

Well fuck. The trip went well however…

We went out to dinner and took a group of our plant workers out and one of the motherfuckers at the dinner table in front of everyone tells our ceo we all need raises including our corporate people (me and my boss). Single-handedly one of the more awkward things I’ve ever experienced.


So he kinda fucked you over cause the boss man said no to everyone?

Yeah that’s the vibes I got.

Its hard to be like, actually ONLY I deserve a raise!


Make an offer he cant refuse. A lot of males have needs. Nothing wrong with satisfying some of those needs.


I took the guys out for drinks afterward that and pulled him and aside and was like “what the fuck were you thinking?”


Brutal timing lol

Awkward Cringe GIF by The Only Way is Essex

Not too sure how to navigate this one

The guy who asked the question got paid off cash for asking about it. The boss’ knew this was coming, so they paid some low lvl plant worker a thousand bucks to bring this up in front of everybody like that so it can be shut down just like that.


Disclaimer I don’t even have a job.

You could wait for the dust to settle and causally mention a fake job offer you got for slightly more than you make now but mention how much you really love the company you’re at

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5D chess move
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Offer your mouth. Offer your ass. You sure got long, pretty hair there, boy. Use it to your advantage.


I’m a classy broad. I would never

always ask.

Where do you work with that hippy hair and style anyways. Some kinda marajuana business? A vegan frozen food company? Over at Tesla we keep a clean image, like Elon.

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Nah chemical manufacturing believe it or not. Actually starting to thin out on top. Considering shaving the dome soon.

Comb that shit over bro

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