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You think so? She was making it seem like it was horrible timing and I was kinda in the same camp. If it works out I’ll be incredibly stoked.

Find another job that will pay as much or more than the job you’re at. Then use that as leverage to get your boss to give you a raise. I’ve done that a few times in my career.

Be prepared to quit and go to the other company if you can’t get what you want. No use playing chicken then chickening out and staying.


One of my co-workers got a massive raise at his yearly review. Different company to me but worked together. I figured I’d try the same, my boss told me to fuck off, I’m already getting the highest raise they offer.

He was also a really good friend so it’s not like I was at risk.

Or just quit and get in the game!

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yeah, make sure to drug their drinks.

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Wilder, don’t be selfish. You got a 10k raise. You can buy a lot of stamps with that and a really nice term life insurance policy.

Accept the offer and then you be the best yes man you can be!


I mean that’s what I did. Got an offer weds for 20k more with an incentive package.

I want my company to counter and I’ll gladly accept and stick around for a long time

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Wilder, tell them you’ll only accept the raise in cash, in a sack with a dollar sign on it.

Then you can give me the sack.

Since I am your guru/life coach, Why shouldn’t I benefit from your success?


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I didn’t read through the whole thread. Just your op.

I’m an electrician. The two best ways I’ve found to make more money (without running my own shop) is to find better offers from other places or more training. Then using those things as leverage for more money/benefits or using those things to move somewhere else to my career move my career along.

Yeah the thing I fear is straining my relationship with our ceo and him feeling like I don’t have faith in the company. I just made it very clear to my boss that it is strictly financial. Love my work, company, stress level, direction I’m headed. It’s just pay.

I’m 30 and still young in my career but I can see myself retiring here.

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Awesome OP. It seems like you’re constantly coming up against unforeseen hurdles but actually things are consistently moving in your favour. There’s already several players out there wanting to give you more money, you just haven’t settled on the amount yet. You’re killing it.

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I guess that’s one way of looking at it lol.

At a young age like that and your health bracket, you could get a great rate on a term life insurance policy.

Post address so I can mail you some reading materials.

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Motherfucker your 30?. Where was your paper round? Beijing?

What does this mean?

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That’s how they get ya, seriously why should you have faith in someone else’s company?

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If you trying to get more in life puts a strain on your relationship with your boss they likely aren’t a very good manager in my opinion.

That would be a pretty big red flag for me and I’d likely be looking for another place to work asap.


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Damn. Both very good points.

My boss is cool as hell. Our CEO is a lot different in my eyes from most I’ve dealt with. He’s super hands on and people oriented.

I’ve have to tell him to fuck off and get out of my office because I was busy doing something for his company

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