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You are young and at that honeymoon phase at this company man.

Non-family operated companies are like those 9.5 bitches we pick up that have no soul. You know there really isn’t a future in the cards but you use them to be seen with and get other 9.5’s to notice you and want you.

But you better believe when the chips are down or you fuck up back-to-back times that soulless 9.5 will dump your arse in a heartbeat.

This is the right move 100% because they were low balling you just like that other OGer that got his truck rektd and his insurance company offered him like 9k and he was getting all excited.

OP if say your current company counters at 14k what do you do?

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I think I’d stick around at 14k

I have had a number in my head to where if I were making that I would be content. 14k more is right over that number.

It’s hard to put a price tag on actually enjoying what you do, having a solid boss, and not being stressed.

I want my cake and wanna eat it too and I think I can hopefully get there with a counter offer from my company.


$20,000 > $14,000 and you ain’t getting another raise for a long long time. If you start out at $20,000 higher and factor in compounding from annual raises you are likely giving up a lot to stay

Again, it’s more than that as well. Yes the money is nice for sure!

I also have a contingency plan for the mula. My lady is finishing up her masters and will no doubt be the bread winner when it’s all said and done.

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Yeah exactly, if you start out 20k higher, you’re going to get a raise anywhere from 6 months to 1 year that will probably be significant, Not unusual for first raise to be 10% or higher depending where it’s at… if you get that 14 or 20k at your current place you’re getting nothing or cost of living at your annual review.

At new job you’re starting out at the bottom, at your current job you’re stretching the top… don’t stay unless you get a promotion you need a new bottom.


What’s her masters in? Do you know what her salary will be afterwards?

20k is a lot of money, don’t scoff at it. depending what you guys are getting taxed that’s at least 1k a month extra in your pocket, that’s a nice new 2nd car + insurance or a couple really nice luxury vacations a year.

Great discussion gents.

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$6,000 is $500/month

Or a week in Europe

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Or 120 $50 bjs

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Get out of here you sick old man.

We’re talking about money and burlap in here!


You sound like a hormonal woman. You are an employee of a company. They either pay you what you want or they don’t. You make a decision based off of that not your silly feeling on a relationship with a CEO. Do you think your CEO writes on a forum that he’s concerned with your feeling?

Masters in Psych. Mental health is on the forefront of everything and she’s capitalizing on it.

You sound like a bitter a troll. The adults are talking. Eat a dick.

Don’t let money be your only factor. Do what makes you happy. When I was at the end of my stint in Belgium, my buddy was on the phone and shouted across to me me about a gig in Switzerland, I said yeh fuck it in, I didn’t know any details, and covid / leaving the EU ultimately fucked everything up anyway…

Switzerland I don’t think is in the EU but it messed up the immigration process.

It would have been a lot of money too, I got pre warned it was less than some of the old hats there tho, as they had massively overpaid in the past, they didn’t want me finding out and getting butthurt about it. Didn’t bother me.

You can’t call yourself an adult when you’re whining about a relationship with a CEO. You have another company willing to pay you $20k more then your current salary. Your current company doesn’t give care about you. They’re trying to make you feel bad about a $10k raise. You tested the waters and found your are under valued and under paid and are slowing your company to continue to take advantage of you.


First. Taking someone of whom I respect thoughts and perceptions of me into account isn’t whining.

Second. I come here because the overwhelming majority of people in here are older and more seasoned in their careers than me. So yes, taking it to a forum to a bunch of people who have given me solid input is important.

What’s your goal here? To shame me? Make me feel bad because I’m unsure of what to do in my career path?

You took the energy and time to jump on this thread and call me out when there was good feedback and conversation happening. Sick bro.

Listen pal, if you ain’t here to talk about burlap then you just get out.

Don’t make me report you.


this aint wineing

this be celebration.

bros hes either getting a 10k or 20k raise lol its a no brainer

Now I gotta get my corpse hella far in Caelid so laterz gatorz


Let’s not be so hard on him, he seems like a good chap

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