Career in Statistics

What are some different fields that I could go into w/ a degree in statistics (masters, possibly phd). I'm curious because I've not yet graduated, but will in a year. thanks

First and foremost, you'll be in demand for actuary work. Insurance companies employ LOTS of math wizards to help them keep accurate actuary information. My friend's wife used to make a lot of money doing it.

I never knew what was the point of getting a math/stat degree. I mean you might as well major in computers, engineering, or actuarial science if you like math and want to apply it in real world settings.

The NSA likes Mathematicians.

I like statistics from the conceptual point of view and the practicality of them. I'm not into deriving the formulas and that I stuck in research?

i am not "in statistics" at this point...however, i'm going to go dto doc school for psych adn I wasnt to know what some options are for somebody with a strong background in statistics. you don't need to know how to get a formula if you understand where/when to use the stat and how to use spss...right?

research (to be very vague)

there are plenty of government jobs involving economic research.

also, you don't have to major in act sci to take the soa exams so you can apply for an actuary position

My sister got her Masters in Statistics and is a SAS programmer. She gets paid pretty well.

there are alot of good jobs in the field of not forget insurance companies!!!