Career of a pride fighter.....

If you have been following the sport since the begining you will understand what i am talking about

Pride fighters that were good have had long prosperious careers. You can look back and see that many of them have had as many as 20 fights in pride. I feel that that organization respected their fighters. They made new opponients work there way up, since it is possible to knock anyone out at anytime. That was a better way to run this sport.

now dana white on the other hand, throws away great fighters, has no respect for the sport, just wants to be the king. what a shame.

I've followed the sport since the beginning and I still don't know what the hell you're talking about. Many guys like Couture, Liddell, Hughes and Ortiz have had 15-20 fights each in the UFC. In fact, Zuffa has done very well for them.

Dana White has done more for MMA than Pride ever did, and Dana is just getting started.

The UFC (contrary to popular belief) has never made a habit of dumping fighters after "one bad fight".

Sure thats 5 fighters, if you look at the rosters of pride you will see many fighters and teams having an actual career. seeing the develop, come up. see their ups and downs. have some history.

Dana has blackballed some good fighters in the past for personal reasons and for other stupid reasons, but lets not forget what he has done for the UFC and the sport. Dana is the man like it or not, he is not always fair but what can you do.

what has he done for the sport? where do fighters go now when dana is done with them?
how do they bargin on salary?
are they just going to make a career fighting king of the cage?
please, dana has done good for himself, and maybe the sport didn't need to grow this fast.
Just maybe the sport would have been better is it growed slower.

If you have talent, you will be brought back after a "bad" fight. Gonzaga, Assurio Silva, Mir, Sims, Babalu, Monson, and many others are proof. The difference is that in Pride, many of the Japanese fighters are crowd favs despite being shit fighters because they display "warrior spirit" and the Japanese have a weird fetish about seeing their own mauled by foreigners. Americans tend to not want to see losers.

who are all these fighters that havent been brought back because of "one bad fight"?

"who are all these fighters that havent been brought back because of "one bad fight"?"

Steve Nelmark