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CAISO has a couple Operations Trainee positions available. It’s highly preferable that you have an engineering degree or specialty training for entry. This is a career & not a “job” posting as even if you decide to leave CAISO at a later date, once you have completed the program and become a NERC certified system operator, you’ll be able to go anywhere in North America with a verifiable skillset that is in high demand.

Careers at California ISO (


I was excited for this career opportunity until you said you need a degree or experience. FUUUXKKK YOUUUU!!!

You got any no experience good entry level positions?

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This is a trainee position but highly technical. Degree can be substituted with military or private corp. experience in a related field.

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Well I have none of that are you gonna help an OG brother out or be a DOUCHE!!

Three questions:

  1. Does it pay?

  2. Where is it?

  3. Is a computer science degree acceptable?

Never mind on 2 & 3, I read the posting.

I can be a tyrant but will try to help a brotha out.

Towards the end of July to beginning of August CDWR will open up applications for their apprentice program. Would also be a career path

So where is this?

I didn’t complete my System Operator training at CAISO so can’t say for sure. If I had to take a shot at it I’d guess starting pay in the 80k range with increases every 6mo until completion & advancement to System Operator. At that point your base salary should be in the 180 range with plenty of ot available.

LOL… like Cheese is going to get NERC certified…



They have headquarters in Sacramento but the apprentice program, as well as field divisions span the state. North would be Oroville, South would be Riverside, plenty in between.

Cheddar… Go for NERF certified… better chance…

Im NERD certified. As in beating Nerds asses, as in beating your ass! NERD

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im down when can i get hired on a d whags startinf pay

The only job you’re getting there is janitorial in a distribution facility…
Anyway, when are we meeting to go over the book ?

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what book?

The taking back America book… Manual…

I don’t even know what this means.

During the timeframe I specified, look at the available apprentice positions for one you would be interested in. Take the exam & interview. Good luck.

You’re a good dude OP. But I’m fairly certain nobody here is taking that position. Hopefully I’m proven wrong and you get a great OG’er!

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He can even color it…

I’ve got one OG’er putting in for another position a bit higher up the ladder so I just let him know directly. Hopefully he gets in.

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